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Water IOT

Rabotapi Water + ioT = Future is Now!

Every Drop of Water Monitored, Controlled and Managed effectively!

Internet of Things, big data and AI as a 4th Industrial Revolution technologies and systems hold great potential to solve life-threatening problems in various angles of our daily life of which is the “Water Scarcity” through smart, instant and predictable management. In every part of the water cycle, IoT can be utilized to manage water resources better and reach efficient and optimal results.

The current behaviour towards water management somehow lacks the proper tools to analyse trends and behaviour of people that results in weak water distribution programs and plans. On the other hand, consumers lack proper tools to stay tuned and alerted to water usage and consumption as well as storage remaining capacity, factors that add to improper water consumption.

How Rabotapi assists with Internet of Things based Water Solutions?

1. Connected Water Infrastructure Solutions (Internet of Water - IoW)

2. Smart Infrastructure Management and Control

3. Predictive Maintenance and Automated Management Actions

4. Automated leak detection, Monitoring and Reporting – Waste Controls

5. Smart Irrigation, Storage and Water Purifications

6. Smart Water Metring and Revenue Collection

Another advantage of the Internet of Things in water management is the reduction in energy pricing and consumption. Predictive analytics can be used to calculate the price of energy during different hours in a day. This information can then be used for scheduling the pumps throughout a day in such a way that there is no loss of additional energy or resources.

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